Friday, October 22, 2010

Promo Video, Memories of Jeff Buckley

So there's that.

I did a 2 1/2 week job in Lexington, KY this past month, to help make ends meet. Er, create two ends, lengthen them, make them meet..the whole nine! It was...different...but had its ups, and I got to hear Lyle Lovett perform, which is always cool. And I listened to Jeff Buckley all the way up and back. Having not put him on in at least a couple of years, I taken by both how quickly I was thrust back into his landscapes, and also by the immense character he has in his silken voice - a character in my world usually reserved for gravelly throated old man troubadors (ie. 90% of my favorite singers). I have always been pissed off I did not have a more weathered sounding voice. I could just never commit to all the whiskey. I've always kind of felt like if you're trying to sing the truth, you've got to at least sound like you've put in the years making the mistakes required to even come close to understanding the subject. Howling Wolf, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan... even in their younger days, a raw and unrefined glory, letting you know they're really of the earth (well I can't speak for Wolf, I don't know if he ever was young).

Anyway, Jeff reminded me you don't have to sound old to be an old soul, you just have to believe the life you live. I miss Jeff and his music. He was gone right as he headed out of the gate, and it's everybody's loss. He was one of a kind. Like Wolf, Dylan, and the rest of them..

New DN music coming soon..