Sunday, January 31, 2010

Return To Texas

Welcome to my new blog. As fate has it, I am going to have a lot of time on the road this coming year to sit and communicate with the world. So I feel that if I want to be responsible with my time and career, it's about time I crate a proper blog, other than that old myspace one, which is, you know...over.

This will be a short opening blog, as I'm on a borrowed computer with a dying battery. But for those of you not in the know, I'm on tour with the wonderful Natalie Stovall, being her 2nd guitarist and backing vocalist, as well as opening many of her shows. It's a great opportunity, and I've already become best friends with everybody in her band. Right now we're in Dallas, TX, enjoying a couple of days off at the house of a friend of Natalie and James (James is Natalie's drummer, tour manager, husband, and one of my newest best friends). Over the last few days we've stopped into Austin twice, the first time for me to get some allergy meds and for us to stop by Torchy's tacos, the second time because everybody in the band loved Torchy's so much, we had to go back. Torchy's is ridiculously good. And I miss Austin tremendously. I walked into the Saxon Pub yesterday afternoon and almost had tears from the memories. It was a good 7 years in Austin for me. I returned last year for a few months to be with my girlfriend Kim and to tour TX, NM, and CO, before moving her up to Nashville with me. But now that she's up in Nashville with me, Austin feels like my past instead of still home. And the memories flooded into me, and they were magical. Thank you Austin.

More to come.

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