Monday, May 31, 2010

Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

This weekend stint in Panama City Beach has been a good time so far. We even finally made it to the beach yesterday at about 5 pm (we got in 2 nights ago). We played Schooner's Thursday, Friday, and again tonight. The humidity in the place is unbearable, and the sound system is rather bad, but other than that, it's a pretty fun gig. The food is delicious. If I ate seafood, I'd sure I'd love it even more.

In the coming weeks, I'm starting work on my new album.

How about this blogging? In truth, I think it's a great idea, and when I'm inspired, I love to extrapolate what's inside of me and see if it serves as any sort of entertainment, inspiration, comic relief, etc... But as someone who tends to put my heart and soul into whatever I'm expressing...sometimes we get a goose egg.

Here's Natalie taking over the drums for awhile.

Here's one - have you heard Grace Potter And The Nocturnals? We all piled into the band house last night at about 3 am, turned on the TV, and this concert was on. We all sat there completely blown away by this girl and her band. Being very alive and extroverted music, I kept waiting for the part when it becomes annoying and something starts to stick out and bother me, but it never happened. It was like...if Nick Cave and the 70's version of the brunette in Heart had a baby...that would be this girl. And the band was like The Bad Seeds. The drummer looks like the singer from Three Dog Night. Grace Potter played B3 for the first 3 songs we saw, then she started rocking out on the guitar. The tunes were great. What can I say? I became a fan on facebook.

Here's something, though it's not from the concert we saw. It said at the end it was a PAID infomercial on GAC. Imagine that? Her label bought time at 3 in the morning to air her concert. That's amazing, I'm very impressed.

I'm looking into more, already pre-ordered her new album.

Just for kicks, here's some Nick Cave (I can't find any of the Abbatoir Blues live DVD on YouTube, but I highly recommend it):

Alright then - that's it for now! More coming soon...

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  1. Thanks for the pointer to Grace. I may find my way back into rock music through her.