Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On Friday, my band and I went into Sound Emporium room A to commence recording for my new album. We did two pre-production sessions with our producer, Ben Strano, beforehand. We had, by all accounts, a very productive 13 hour day. We cut 4 tracks live off the floor, tweaked a few things, and packed it all away for a couple of weeks, at which time I'll revisit it with Ben and we'll move forward. Scott Velazco was also there all day with Ben. Doing the pro-pro, and the session, enforced my belief that I've got a pretty special band here. Everyone is smart, tasteful, has a great feel for the material, and brings all sorts of elements to it that results in what I can only say is very good chemistry. I can't wait to get in and do more work with them, it's all only going to get better. We filmed some of the day too, for a video diary of the album process that I'll eventually compile and use to help promote the album.

Us at the end of the day.

Last night we played 3rd & Lindsley here in Nashville, with Sarah Darling. Everyone was very solid, and we finished with Good Golly Miss Molly. If a song's lasted 70 years or so, you know there's something right about it! Miguel, charged up by his home nations Chile's World Cup victory again Switzerland that day, was particularly on fire with his instrument. iViva Chile!

Looking forward to my Texas/NM solo tour in 10 days. Peace out.

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