Monday, July 26, 2010

Rose Falcon, Eric Paslay, David Newbould, The Wooten Brothers - This Wednesday at 3rd & Lindsley

Good afternoon from Nashville. I have a huge show coming up this Wednesday night at 3rd & Lindsley.

Wednesday, July 28:

6 pm - Rose Falcon!
7 pm - Eric Paslay!

9:30 pm - The Wooten Brothers!

It's the last show in town with my band for awhile. My band and I hope to have much work in the future. Wednesday night could be a step in that direction. I'm not gonna lie to you, world - it's been a tough month. I haven't had any work, we had the accident...things are at a standstill, and it's all we can do to keep our spirits up. Add to that, I think I've got carpel tunnel. Is it over? The other night I was looking at myself in the mirror - it looked like someone else looking at me, I expected him to start moving and talking to me. Not fun.

So that's what I look like?

Anyway, what it would mean to have a full room at 3rd & Lindsley, and for us to make you leave with joy in a rich heart, and a smile on your face...I can't tell you. Rose Falcon and Eric Paslay are two of my favorites (Rose and I are even friends! Proof below...), so I can tell you the night will not suck! The Wooten Brothers are the first show I took Kim to when she came to town, and they are like going to a clinic of funk, craftsmanship, and good times. Good shit! Their great saxophonist, Rudy Wooten, may he RIP.

This afternoon I spent taking my guitar in. After the accident, I was amazed that it escape seemingly unscathed. The low E string was a little flat, but that was it. Upon playing it more, I've discovered that (not-so-amazingly) it must have gotten a little bit affected, as it plays differently. I had just finally gotten it all repaired and playing right, too, so drag of a discovery.

A few shots of me and said guitar from over the years. We've had a good relationship.

Though she does seem to want me to close my eyes...

See you Wednesday.

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