Saturday, August 13, 2011

Concert Footage, Neil Young

It's been awhile since I journeyed into blogland, because there just hasn't been that much blog about. For those keeping score, though, I've been working on songs - both alone, and with friends like Kalisa Ewing and Scott Laurent - and also putting together new touring situations for the fall and beyond. The outlook is pretty good right now.

I've also been planning my wedding! that I mean that Kim and I have been editing and re-editing our guest list. For those of you who don't know, Kim and I are getting married in March 2012, on a steamboat on the Mississippi off New Orleans. I can barely wait. It's going to be a lot of fun, though I don't know what to wear.

I got some good footage from our Bluebird show awhile back, and have put together a bootleg DVD of it, which I'm going to start selling at shows, along with the already existing 12th & Porter bootleg. To go down a side tunnel though, how sad is it that it's become acceptable now to take a show that you recorded, with you (or a friend's) own equipment, of your own show, packaged yourself...and call it a "bootleg"? I know I just did it, but it's sad, and everybody does it now. "Bootleg" used to carry an element of danger. You used to have to go to conventions, in warehouses an hour outside of town, to buy them from shady weirdos incapable of conversation. And you thought that if a cop caught you with it on the'd get arrested (or at least have it confiscated)! Now we authorize our own :(

In any event, here are a few clips from my Bluebird "Bootleg". Band credits are at the end of each track. If you like the clips, please direct your friends to them:

As you can see, I had a good ol' time with the Windows Movie Maker program.

I'll be doing 4 or 5 shows in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kansas next month. Dates and places are HERE. There are still one or two to be added.

From our Douglas Corner show a few weeks ago, a few more pics from the magnificent Jon Karr:

When I was 14, a guy I knew lent me Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps concert film. It's safe to say that it changed my life, changed the way I looked at music. In the years since 1980, Neil Young has put out some wonderful stuff, a career with lots of highlights. In the 10-12 years up to around 1980 though, he was just a stone cold genius. So uncompromising, so artistically brave. No one else could have made the music that he made. The music affects me now the same way it did when I was 14. It makes me wonder how.

For those not familiar, here's the original Cortez The Killer. A lot of people prefer some of the live ones, with their epic crescendos and valleys, but to me this will always be the one:

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