Thursday, February 11, 2010

Augusta and The Band

We landed last night in Augusta, Georgia, where I remember from somewhere way back in the darker recesses of my childhood as being the place where a big golf tournament happened once a year. I asked someone about it, and was told that indeed, the masters happens here annually. This prompted me to text my dad and tell him I was here, since that which is golf is lord (to him). It is very sort of regal, old-southern, this place, so it makes sense that they would host "THE MASTERS", rather than just, say, "Buster's weekend".

View from hotel deck:

We played at Augusta State University in this small ampitheater at noon, and...well, the show went pretty well for noon! We could even sing, which is unsually kind of unexpected at that hour. Usually for me then it's more like croaks and squeals. Having the rest of the day off, we decided to eat and then hit the liquor store. The rest of the band is currently outside on our regal deck enjoying whiskey and white russians. I'm being good and enjoying my libations inside here with my blog site. It won't last long, but it sure is warmer in here.

You can see all the faces, this is easily 2 rounds ago, if I had it in me to walk outside for 5 seconds, I'd get a more updates shot. But you can see Natalie has had a couple glasses of wine and getting a nice giggle buzz on, which is sweet - and kinda rare - and Panther (Zach - bass player - the one with the hair) is feeling pretty warm. James (3/4 hidden) just came through to relieve himself and offered nothing but expletives. I respect this behavior a lot. And Miguel, well he's just a pleasure, as you can see by his friendly smile.

These are fun people, none of seem to hate each other at all, which makes me happy. I've had so many jobs where the opposite is true, or where I'm the one they hate, and that's almost as bad.

Miguel's pretty happy for me because Vintage Guitar Magazine is reviewing my live CD/DVD "The Long Way Home: David Newbould And Friends - Live From Austin" in their upcoming issue, and he used to have a subscription to that mag. As soon as the review is on their site, I'll post a link. They HAVE, however, linked a song from the DVD onto their site, which is a pretty cool thing:

My Video on Vintage Guitar.Com

Scroll down to the 4th screen.

I'll get onto talking more about these nice people I'm out with in future posts. I'm still kind of new to this blog thing. I hope you all are well, wherever you are. See you soon,


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