Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nashville and Back

I should have a lot more to say right now but I don't. I should because I came back from the first leg of the Natalie Stovall tour and had a rather exceptional time. I should be telling you about each member of the band, and why they are great, and what all their unique and quirky characteristics are - so that as they come up in my blogs throughout the next year, you can have a picture in your head. A back story, if you will. And the more I write, the more you'll know about me, and that'll shape the story more. So it'll all be a good time for everyone involved. This band - these people deserve stories written about them, at least as I see them through my eyes.

I should do all that, but it's not going to happen tonight, because all I've done in my two days back home is run errands, try to get some work done on my guitar rig, install a washer/dryer in the kitchen, clean up the flood when the drain subsequently showed itself clogged...work on the car, try to sleep, buy cat food, buy furniture, hum our new melodies, fix my email list, pay bills, and now it's time to go again!

We had a great run through Texas, and we're headed to Georgia, and I'll have many more interesting things to say soon. Do stay tuned.

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