Thursday, February 4, 2010

Matamoras Banks

The last two nights in Edinburg and Brownsville have been incredible. We've only done 7 or 8 shows, but a strange thing is happening - we're not only becoming a band, but we're developing a very well paced and cohesive show. From when I first walk onstage with my acoustic guitar to when we hit the last spasm of the Devil Went Down To Georgia encore. Last night, the whole band sat around and brainstormed ideas of how to maximize the impact of the opening set. The argument seemed to center around it being so strong as a solo slot, how can we utilize the band to somehow make it better, make the impact of the whole 90 minute night that much more. So we came up with some ideas, and started putting them to work tonight. Was nice! These guys are really talented and fun to work and hang with. And Natalie is supreme, it's a joy to finish opening and then get down to the business of boosting and supporting a set that is turning into a freight train.

After the show tonight, Zach and I got Pizza Hut. Then we got back and got a call to come help divvy up this insane care package of mexican candy given to Natalie and the band from the school (UTB - University of Texas at Brownsville). It was like Halloween when you're 8 years old. Eat, eat, eat, then pain. We were going to go the debauchery route (beer and whiskey), but then we just decided to go this way. Hey, you gotta try everything once, right?

Before the Pizza Hut, we got a ride around town in a golf cart. Zach and I were in the back, facing backwards. Have you ever driven down main street in the back of an unexposed golf cart, facing all the cars that pull up behind you? It's a little weird. But we just waved and tried to be polite. From our vantage point, it kind of looked like this:

Anyway, tomorrow we head up to Bossier City, Louisiana, then home to Nashville for a couple of days to watch the Super Bowl and, for me, to be with my loved ones, who I miss. Other than missing them - which is very real - this is going to be a fun year.

Oh, a new review came in from my live CD/DVD. Since it's a good one, you can check it out here:

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