Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3rd & Lindsley Show; Interview

Last night at 3rd & Lindsley was a difficult night. As you've read, these things happen. Ultimately you do the best you can with what you have to persevere, and still try to come out on top. Because of a number of coalescing factors, my band set got off to a late start, and it was thus very difficult for me to focus. When you're the last act of an early show, and thigs are late, you're the one who has to cut songs, and the clock starts moving very quickly, and it can mess with your head. I scramble around through life to get anything done on time to begin with, but I'm working very hard to both defeat that, and also to learn how to reach a zen point when things start spinning out of control in my head. Ultimately the blame lies with me, for I could not find it in myself to relax and focus as we started. If you can do that, things will always go well. I think this is when people turn to the teachings of older civilizations. Me, I just kept turning to my blackberry looking at the time. Sometimes you really have to dig deep. the end, I felt ultimately we did...OK! I did manage to settle, and one thing I've learned is that when you front the band, it is ultimately rests on your shoulders how the show ends up being. If you're starting behind the 8 yourself out of it! I have plenty of experience in trying to persevere through fratboy sports bar crowds, fine dining crowds, farmer's market crowds - you name it - so ultimately the maelstorm in my head was one of the easier ones. And the people in my band delivered. I just focused on singing the songs convincingly, taking charge, and ultimately that's kind of what rock and roll is, isn't it? Also, the soundman was also kind enough to let me run an extra 15 minutes, after I begged him. Rose Falcon came up and duetted on a song with me, too, and working wih her is always an honor. So it could have been worse - way worse!

Also...the Natalie Stovall show was terrific. I know it was everything she, and we, could have hoped for, and I was really proud of her for taking it by the horns, and for she and James, who have invested so much work into what led into a night like this. You put a band together, you take it on the tweak and fine tune the put IT on the eventually come home and play to a packed house of fans and industry folk and kill it. THAT'S the way to do things. You never know what comes of things, but I can tell you this - they're being done the right way. It's a tested and true pattern. That's all you can do. Kudos to them.

I got sent an interview I did for Pure Grain Audio awhile back, thought I'd share the link. We're off to Chicago today for one show, then coming back home for another week or so.

P.S. I was fretting that tax day was next week,and where had the time gone. APRIL 15. Thanks, Kim!

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