Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Dilemmas

It sure is hard to balance real life with the dreams you've been pursuing your whole life. The sacrifices you make and how they affect the people you love are unspeakable. They are all the harder because you can't possibly explain the order in your head to those that don't share this kind of thing. And it's unfair to them to try to. "Listen, I love you, and will do anything for you, but I can't take you to Aruba, because I need to make another album that may or may not help my career one bit. Sorry..." It's really rude, when you think about it. You know how most people are supposed to accept, conform, adjust priorities? Try that when you believe too much in what you do, and are too stubborn besides to give it less than 150%? That's how the people we all look up to did it. It's one thing if you've been successful enough to actually maintain two or more passions. But what about when you haven't, and when you're just not going to give up? Some things you are supposed to give only 100% to, or nothing at all. But sometimes there's only so much 100% to go around. How do you ask someone to give their all, if you've got two things you're giving your all to, and they don't always match? When does life finally afford you the opportunity to grow up?

I'm not giving up. I wish I could, but I can't.

Alaska at home, jumping after her ball

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