Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eureka, Slash vs. Axl

We awoke this morning in Eureka, I'll, to the most beautiful morning I've been a part of in a long time. Well I'm really not a part of that many mornings, but that said, this is a beautiful morning. Ouside of Eureka....this is real heartland America, folks. Like John Couger Mellencamp America.

There is a slight frosty chill, the sun is very up, no wind, it reminds me a bit of Fredericton, NB, Canada of all places...in May. I don't know why I choose to skip morning so often, but this is very nice. Maybe it's time for a lifestyle change.

As my good friend Sandy Fleming would say... yeah, right!!

There's a new song I've started playing, another drop D one, called Magic And Loss. I am scrounging to find time as a songwriter these days, but it does make the little breakthroughs count.

It's not far off
My friend, from what you thought
Batten down the hatches
Your dreams will get caught
They might find you dead, dead
You can walk through this world
But when it's over
Magic and loss
Magic and loss

Old Mr. Garrett's son
He knew everyone he felt he had to
To make a run
In the morning - only the sun, only the sun
You and all the people you rely on
When it's over
Magic and loss
Magic and loss

Lord it ain't over
When it comes to pass
That everything you believe in
Slips into peaceful rest
Until there's nothing

You can walk through this world
When it's over
Magic and loss
Magic and loss
Magic and loss


I read Slash's book over the last few days, which was cool. Miguel was kind enough to bring it along. Then I decided to visit the "Guns N' Roses" website to read W. Axl's views on things. My god - am I glad I don't have to live in that guy's head! Talk about paranoid incoherant ramblings, it's like reading the Unibomber or Nixon or some shit. Here:


Anyway, that's all from here. Talk to you after Flint.

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