Saturday, March 13, 2010, Chicago and Justin Moore

I just like the hard Ch's. So we finished up our last leg, took some days off, and then went to Chicago. It was a one-off, meaning we went up there just for it, then came back. The reason we did so was that Joe's On Weed Street is apparently the #1 country bar in America, and Team Stovall has been trying to get in there for ages. Apparently all the big country stars still go back there to play, when they want the intimate feel of a small time club gig. It was one of the biggest crowds we've played for yet.

We opened for this guy Justin Moore, who I'm told has a couple of songs on country radio. More importantly though, Justin has a manifesto. He's from the backwoods. He's from Smalltown, USA. Born and raised. In the middle of his set, he threw it down: "I'm a small town country boy...I'm a proud card carrying member of the NRA...I like Bud Lite, Jack, and Sweet Tea!". Whoooo!

But it was a party. And one of the reasons was...Justin Moore has a lot of fans. And aside from hard work and having well done, proper singles aimed towards a specific demographic, some of it surely has to do with his having a clear, concise message for that demographic. Natalie's got one, too: Peace, Love, Fiddle! That rocks pretty good.

But I don't know what would I say in place of, "Chicago - I like Bud Lite, Jack, and Sweet Tea".

"Chicago!! - If you're keeping your 6 pack under $5.50, drink Milwaukee's Best or PBR - cheaper and better than Bud Lite! Jameson's is way nicer than Jack, it just isn't from Tennessee, and Sweet Tea - who needs all that sugar?"

"Peace! Love! Fiddle!"?

"Debate! Camaraderie! Rock And Roll...though a slightly folkier and wordier brand if you're listening to me!"

I guess there's something to be said for a manifesto or motto. This goes as far back as the MC5 in rock and roll (even Jerry Lee Lewis - "Marry your cousin - have a good time!"). I just like to rock...and sing and talk. Maybe that's a credo that can reach the masses. My brain's just too sprawling and rambling to put anything else together, I don't have the sense or the discipline for it. People go to school for that. Justin Moore's people knew who they were, knew who he was, they could all was all laid out. And he was good at it (don't get me wrong). He can sing, has good songs, the band was tight, they all brought the energy. I'm told they've been touring clubs for several years. So good show all around, he's obviously doing the right thing.

We in the band all had a great time. The club treated us unbelievably well. Natalie's folks, James' mom, ZP's mom all came. Everyone was very gracious. Here are some pictures, and soon I'll post some video, when James and ZP get theirs uploaded off their fancy-ass camera gadgets (I want one!). The photos are from Chicago Now. Thanks, Chicago Now!

Rock and Roll (though slightly folkier...)!

Almost Panorama

James rocking it like an animal

Peace, Love, Fiddle!

Us stealing Justin's crowd for awhile, before he took them back

All smiles afterwards

"Bud Lite, Jack...and sweet tea!"

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  1. Don't knock that sweet tea, now, son. "Who needs all that sugar??" I DO!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE LOVE FIDDLE and WOOO HOOOO!!!!!