Friday, April 2, 2010


This morning I'm hung up in bed because I started trying to tackle all the guys in the band last night, and in doing so I bruised a rib. Miguel tells me I crashed into a table pretty hard. I guess I did. I remember the impact, but that's about all. So let this be a lesson to all you kids out there - don't drink and tackle. It will eventually catch up with you and you'll get hurt.

I don't know why I drink and tackle, other than that I guess somebody has to do it. It's only when I get past a certain point - in this case involving bartenders at the end of the night offering to hook us up with rounds of white russians and "extra" shots and such (in addition to whatever we'd been steadily pacing ourselves with all night). And only when I'm surrounded by a bunch of guys who are all bigger than me, and probably not in the mood for being tackled. Generally, this stuff happens when you're away from home for too long.

The show was fun, though. This club is massive, this Toby Keith bar. Apparently it should be a lot more hopping tonight, since it's a Friday. It felt...too big last night.

I don't really have anything too deep and profound to say this morning other than "Ow".

Here's something from something we did somewhere, maybe a week ago:

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