Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pain

I am in so much pain from my ongoing tackling habit and the escapde it produced last week, I can't even tell you. Like I said - don't do this. Try not to even start, before it becomes a habit you can't break. I can barely move some days right now.......yet when I see one of the guys in a compromising position I still start moving towards them in preparation for a takedown. It's like a guy hacking up half a lung while reaching for another cigarette. Think Johnny Sacrimono on his death bed. Don't take yourself down this road.

We bared several gruelling elements yesterday, such as excessive heat, humidity, and the knowledge that we were packing up afterwards and driving for 7 hrs - all the standard spring/summer elements for college touring - all to play for a good sized crowd that also ended up being the worst crowd of the year, hands down. Since we're all mature adults here, I won't say where this college was. Let's just say we were stuck there with the Memphis blues. Again. After my second song, there was one guy clapping (as well as the band - thanks band!), so naturally I was thinking, well, I guess I'm sucking tonight. Fair enough, but then Natalie came up and we roared into our set, and by the end of the second song...same thing - same aural tumbleweed. It reminded me of several years ago in Waco. I thought, is it possible that we're both sucking big tonight? No, thank god, it turned out the crowd just sucked. Lame, just sitting there stuffing their faces on crawfish and gumbo, talking to each other, occasionally calling out Freebird. I guess this event was open to all the fraternity houses.

Even still, though, there always seems to at least be one guy, one person to pick you up and make you feel better, without even really knowing that they're doing so. I forget his name, but he came up at break telling us how much he was loving the show. He asked if I wrote those songs I sung, told me how much he liked them, and that he wrote songs himself. Then he told Natalie how much he was liking her stuff and our band. So thanks buddy, whoever you are. You made our night.

We have 30 shows in 30 days, so I'll have plenty to write about. We got some great pics from some recent shows, but I can't upload them from my phone, so will have to do it next blog...

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