Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When In Rome

We're in Rome. Georgia. There's lots to do here in Rome. For instance, we tried finding a music store, to get some gear looked at, and maybe buy strings and things. No music store. No Office Depot, no Best Buy, no Pei Wei, but at least 5 college campuses. I guess I'm just complaining because I'm about to crack on some gear I need to buy, and with all the schools here, I just assumed Rome was a little bigger.

This is a tough one, because it's been a week or so, and I'm trying to put together an insightful and entertaining blog, yet the TV in here is blaring pridefighting championships, which is somewhere between pro wrestling and UFC. Entertaining yes. Major testosterone - uh yeah? Mental stimulant...not so much.

What I can say is that I'm getting more comfortable in my opening slot, as we've been doing them almost every day. And as a result - I'm in great command, and selling some CD's again. I had started thinking I was going to have to start paying people out here to buy them (you know, like Universal or Capitol often do...).

Here's a good picture of James and Miguel not learning from my lesson, and also my beloved Kim sent me a picture of herself and our dear Alaska. Sorry for forcing you to indulge me. We're both so in love with our cat, it's ridiculous.

Oh - Nashville! My band and I are playing 3rd & Lindsley Monday May 17, along with Kalisa Ewing, and the exquisite Rose Falcon (of Sowing Circle fame). I want to see you out there, I'm not on Nashville stages much these days. The band is ready again!

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