Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello! I'm in Virginia, and only have a second, but wanted to post up a bunch of pictures that have come in recently. This is us in Florida, Finlay, OH (home of Fat Matt, the Nino's staff member who ate all the band's pizza, much to our chagrin), and...somewhere else.

One weird thing is...what has happened to the names of bathroom things? When I tour alone, I stay in Motel 6's, Super 8's, or my car, where they don't label things like soap (or in some cases don't have any). These people I'm out with, though, have class, so we stay in actual nice places - Holiday Inn Express, etc... And instead of "soap", or "shampoo", these things are called "Cleanse", or "Face Bar". "Face Bar"? Now that would be a nasty place. I'm quite political, biased even, but for the life of me I can't find the logic where "soap" has somehow developed into a socially incorrect word?

Anyway, who cares, here are some pictures:

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